Venetian blinds

The solution to always have nice obscuration without cleaning? Instert in the isolating panel AZ® a Venetian blind or a pleated curtain!

The filtering/black-out Venetian blind or pleated curtain is placed in an isolating panel AZ®, and is made of at least two glass plates.

The operations of opening, closing and orientation, both manual or electrical, take place in a totally sealed environment, so that the isolating properties of the isolating panel AZ® suffer no alterations. In this way, an absolute protection from dirt, dust and weather conditions is guaranteed: for this reason the Venetian blind and the curtain need no maintenance.

The duration of the magnetic controls which are used is almost eternal: a demagnetization of 2% every 100 years is estimated. The variety and versatility of the models offer solutions suitable for any kind of hardware: 31 combinations of colors are available, and 6 systems of movement. The motorized options give the possibility to have internal or external brushless engines, able to manage with perfect synchronization several groups of curtains, also through a mobile device.

The glassmaker AZZIMONTI PAOLINO S.p.A. can help you in the choice of your sun protection by using different programs.

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