Shop windows

Your shop window is your introduction to your clients: show yourself at your best!

We realize everything tailor-made using stratified or armored security crystals developed on a Float or Extra-fair base with various characteristics, from accident prevention to anti-break in, anti-vandalism and bulletproof.

Products of various belonging classes according to the current regulations UNI EN 12600 – UNI EN 356 – UNI EN 1063.

The said shop windows can be made also in isolating glass panel AZ® to get a high thermal and even acoustic isolation.

All materials are EC and UNI certified according to the current regulations.

If you want to “protect” yourself from the sun we can use, for your shop windows, reflective plates with a fair or medium shade.

If you want that the products in your shop window are seen by everybody, you can use anti-reflection plates, which have a reflection value of less than 1%.

We provide security plates for internal separations/partitions for offices/premises or tailor-made compartmentalizations.

Our High Security system “GlasstotoGlass Puzzle Glass®” international brand can always be used. Why not making them also auto-cleaning? On demand, we can treat them with the product  ClearShield.

The system ClearShield, state-of-the-art technology which received many prizes on an International level, was developed for the lasting protection of glass surfaces and is applied directly on the glasses in place and at the factory.