Parapets and Balconies

Internal and external stairs, balconies, terraces: our parapets can be used in different ways, and all have a high aesthetic effect. But what makes them unique?

First of all, they are made with stratified/armored security glasses, treated thermally if foreseen, with interlayers of not only pvb plastic interlayers, but also with structural interlayers.

Several fixing methods can be taken into consideration: from snares to wheels/hibcaps,  from pouches fixed to the floor to bases or special bases using the High Security system  “GlasstoGlass Puzzle Glass®” international brand.

Glasses for parapets can be personalized choosing among different options: transparent, opaque (milky-white, satin or silk-screened) or with colored plastiques.

Protect the plates from air pollution: request the auto-cleaning and hydro-repellant system  ClearShield.

The system ClearShield, state-of-the-art technology which received many prizes on an International level, was developed for the lasting protection of glass surfaces and is applied directly on the glasses in place and at the factory.