The mirror made according to your wish..

The glassmaker AZZIMONTI PAOLINO S.P.A. provides and places safety tailor-made mirrors, of any shape and eventually enriched with any handmade decoration. The shapes, the grooves and the holes are made using modern machines with number control.

We can make not only fair mirrors but also colored and aged mirrors, personalized with registered brand “by Azzimonti®“.

In order to confer an even major uniqueness to your mirror, it is possible to prepare it for back light.

The mirrors can be fixed by bonding them on the wall or on wood panels or using upholstery nails or hooks.

It is eventually possible to use the High Security System “GlasstotoGlass Puzzle Glass®”to fix them.

In some circumstances – such as behavioral analyses carried out by psychologists or for particular privacy needs -, on demand, we provide mirrored spy-glasses.