Isolating glass panels AZ®

Why aren’t isolating glass panels AZ® simple glass panels?

This particular product, which has been ranked among the new production lines of AZZIMONTI PAOLINO S.p.A. since 1976, is nowadays an EC and UNI certified product which can reach high thermal and acoustic isolation values, with performance characteristics also of safety (accident prevention, anti-break in, anti-vandalism and bulletproof).

Nowadays we are able to reach values of thermal isolation 0.4 / 0.5 Ug with a double room with gas (triple glass) and values of acoustic reduction of more than 50 dB with a simple single-room.

Isolating glass panels AZ®  hardware of any finishing and not only, in fact, also through the use of first-quality products among which sylicons with high adherence characteristics, resistant to UV rays and to weather conditions, the duration performance of the said isolating panels AZ® is enhanced as time passes..

The isolating panels AZ®, of structural kind, are inserted in several different applications in synergy with our “without frames” system with High Security patented “GlasstoGlass Puzzle Glass®“ international brand.

Using low-emission glasses which are selective and reflective, of the major producers on a world level, we guarantee considerable advantages for thermal isolation, not only for cold but also for warm periods.

Our isolating panels AZ® can in fact be tailor-made based on the designer’s needs.

They are guaranteed 10 years free of charge, but still today also the ones we produced in 1976 show a great resistance to aging.

Light or dark reflective panels or with colors on colored paste or using state-of-the-art photochromic glasses which allow them to get dark during a direct solar radiation, but also to maintain their transparence.

Also thanks to a sophisticated technology, we have the possibility to turn transparent glass into opaque glass as you prefer.

Isolating panels AZ®  can be flat, curved, one-room, double room or triple room, with the inclusion of special gases like argon and/or krypton.

A great innovation is represented by the possibility to insert in the same panels a Venetian blind or a pleated curtain, with both manual and electrical movement, or to motorize through rechargeable batteries. 

Why not making them also auto-cleaning? On demand, we can treat them with the product ClearShield.

The system ClearShield, state-of-the-art technology which received many prizes on an International level, was developed for the lasting protection of glass surfaces and is applied directly on the glasses in place and at the factory.