High Security Coverings

GlasstoGlass Puzzle Glass® International brand is an innovative system which requires no frame.

“High Security” system not only for full glass facades, which can be used also for shelters, coverings, coatings, parapets and full glass stairs. 

The application of our High Security artifact “GlasstotoGlass Puzzle Glass®®”, allowed the glassmaker AZZIMONTI PAOLINO S.p.A. to start a technologically high quality, successfull and safe procedure.

The system implies the use of only two metal profiles placed parallel to each other on the glass plate (of various compositions) and fixed with structural silicon thus exalting the bonding glass/glass, placed in the metal profile, through our other patented system “GlasstoGlass®” international brand.

Thanks to these two patents which work in synergy, the characteristic of the glass and of the structural silicon is exalted.

We get a very low electrical conductibility compared to other systems and therefore a very high resistance to aging.

The secret is the “silica” that, with our systems, exalts the intrinsic qualities of both the glass and the silicon. Have you ever wondered why glasses have been placed on glass panels in cathedrals for more than thousand years?

Our system “GlasstotoGlass Puzzle Glass®

has a beautiful aesthetic effect since it confers continuity to the facade with no interruptions by carters, plates, protruding metal upholstery nails.

The realizations are light and luminous with an architectural profile.

It guarantees High Security against thieves. Our artifact is completely fixed from inside the building, thus preventing any easy intrusion from the outside.

It is used also for big and tall coverings of shells with glass panels.

Easy to remove and place the glass panel to replace.

Minimal external leakages of silicon sealing between the glass panels.

With “GlasstotoGlass Puzzle Glass®”, the weakness represented by the structural bonding has become “A STRENGTH”.