Coverings and shelters

Coverings and shelters: make them with safety stratified glasses!

Glass panels, with one re more layers, of various dimensions and shapes, with or without punctures, for coverings, thermally treated with intermediate layers not only with pvb plastic interlayers, but also interlayers of structural kind.

On the basis of the designer’s needs, the said layers can be made with transparent, opaque (satin/frosted) or plastic colored (milky-white, satin, colored) glasses.

Resistant glasses of a suitable thickness and, if requested, even walkways for maintenance.

The said shelters can be anchored through several fixing systems according to the design, as point systems, with snares, wheels/hibcaps, by using load-bearing hardware or using the High Security system “GlasstoGlass Puzzle Glass®” international brand, with high bearing and resistance performances, which guarantees the after-breaking too.

Why not making them also auto-cleaning? On demand, we can treat them with the product ClearShield.

The system ClearShield, state-of-the-art technology which received many prizes on an International level, was developed for the lasting protection of glass surfaces and is applied directly on the glasses in place and at the factory.