Our company takes care in counselling clients in the choice of the different kinds of glass and of the types which are more suitable for specific needs: thermal isolation – acoustic reduction – light transmission – solar factor – solar radiation – light reflection etc.

Knowing the potential risks the client may face is important too, for this reason the choice of the kind of glass panel to use is thought-out:

accident prevention - anti-break-in –anti-crime – bulletproof

What is “thermal shock”?

Thermal shock = We have thermal shock (spontaneous breaking of annealed glass) in some climatic and/or environmental situations (solar explosion, porches etc.) and/or in the presence of elements which can modify the energetic properties of glass (curtains, solar screens, stickers, advertising posters, furniture, low false ceilings etc.). “Thermal shock” appears when on the same glass panel there are two different temperatures: a warm one caused by a direct solar radiation or by forced heating and a cold one caused by zones in the shadow or by forced cooling. Such stress, when it overcomes a specific critical value, causes the breaking.

It is important always to keep this phenomenon in mind when choosing glasses and their collocation.

Therefore we advise our clients always to ensure glass panels, after their installation, against any kind of breaking.


It is advised to scrupulously respect what is already known and we would like to repeat.

- Do not use products which may ruin the glass panels when you clean them.
- Do not use abrasive or similar products for glazed surfaces (for examples showcases, doors, windows…)
- Do not use alchool or similar products to clean the edges of stratified and/or armored panels
(for examples: balconies, steps, tables .....)
- Do not use acids and derived products, solvents and derived products, oil and derived products, to clean the glasses with external and/or internal silicon seals.